We’re hiring! B2B Content Copywriter/ Editor

DATE: December 2021 

ROLE: B2B Content Copywriter/ Editor 

TYPE: Part-time 

START: January 2022 


CONTACT careers@mogrify.com 

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We’re looking for a passionate writer to produce written content for our wonderful customers, support our team in building and running our content team and eventually develop in to an Editor role responsible for all written content for Mogrify customers. 


Ideally, we are looking for a Central Coast-based person, but unlike our other roles at Mogrify, this is not a prerequisite. We think the role would suit, amongst others: 

  • someone who really enjoys, and is really good at, copywriting  
  • someone currently commuting to Sydney from the Central Coast who wants to reclaim their time! 
  • a parent looking to properly re-establish themselves into long term work 
  • someone with a technical writing and/or B2B background 
  • anyone currently writing blogs, case studies, website copy, scripts or other for any print or online publications 
  • Someone that can thrive in a busy, social environment and who is excellent at managing their time 
  • Has a good understanding of SEO 



We’re a Central Coast based marketing organisation specialising in business-to-business marketing for companies all over Australia. 


We’ve recently undergone significant growth and are looking for talented people to help keep us ahead of schedule on work for our highly valued customers. 



You’ll start on a permanent part-time basis working 2-4 days a week depending on your availability. 


You’ll immediately be put on to content writing tasks covering interviewing and writing blogs, social media profiles, guides, website copy, ebooks, video scripts, emails and more in order to give you a good grounding in the various types of marketing materials we cover. 


Simultaneously you will work with our Head of Operations to manage effectively the freelance writers that make up the extended Mogrify family, including hiring, onboarding, editing and feedback to improve our overall quality. 


Over time the role, with your permission, will evolve in to a full blown Editor, responsible for most written content that goes to our Senior Marketing Managers and Customers. 


You’ll need to be comfortable with technical and, (sometimes!) dry, subject matter – our customers are in technical industries such as IT, Finance, Legal and Accounting. Not having a background in this is not a deal breaker – with the quantity of work we do across our clients you will quickly pick up the subject matter. 


More important is that you can output concise, goal-driven content, targeting a specific response from a specific type of reader. Also vital is that you are enthusiastic about learning about new content writing techniques, processes and expertise where you may have gaps – for example script writing and SEO. 



The primary part of your role will involve these key elements: 

  • Managing an influx of writing job requests and briefs 
  • Interviewing specialists at our customers 
  • Writing drafts for our various content formats 
  • Editing drafts from other writers working with Mogrify 
  • Working with our Head of Ops to help build process and scaleability in to our content writing processes and set up a formal content writing department which you will have the opportunity to head up if it fits with your passions/ skills.  



The core things you MUST have are: 

  1. Writing experience: Everyone thinks they can write, most of us cannot do it as a living! To we’re not looking to take a chance on someone that thinks they can write – we need someone that has a track record of writing in their career and enjoys it. 
  1. Ability to establish yourself as a trusted partner: We believe that good marketing lies at the heart of all good business. Whilst we’re marketers, Mogrify prides itself on being commercially-savvy and understanding business strategy. We and our customers need someone that is not intimidated by a customers’ job title and can talk in non-marketing language to them to dig out the interesting stories, angles and marketable information. 
  1. Social skills: We want to have banter with each other and enjoy each other’s company – if you’re not afraid to tell a story from time to time then you’ll fit in just fine! 


In addition to the above, we want someone that can demonstrate Mogrify’s core values in their personal and professional life: 

  1. Team Think – We care enough to listen carefully, consider options and make the best decisions for the Mogrify family and our customers. 
  1. Challenge Why – We need to know the why. It’s not enough to be told something’s the case. We come with opinions, ideas and an open mind. 
  1. Be Commercial – We don’t speak marketing fluff. We cut through to the things that matter. We recognise where other business considerations trump marketing. 
  1. Say It, Do It – We don’t shirk ownership. If we commit to doing something we take pride in starting, owning and finishing it. 



  • Drop an email through to careers@mogrify.com OR apply on the careers page on our website here – https://offer.mogrify.com/careers-express-your-interest/ 
  • Include your CV and a hello video (if applying through our website) and if you wish a covering note telling us quickly about yourself, why you’re interested in the role, and a few bullet points demonstrating your credentials or capacity to learn any aspects of the role. 
  • If you want to send through any examples of work to support, then feel free! 
  • We’ll be in touch thereafter. 


Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you! 

The Mogrify Team 

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