WiP it real good (with Mogrify)

When a problem comes along, you must whip it, or so say American rockers Devo. Well at Mogrify we agree, except where Devo says whip, we say WiP.



Chances are you have already experienced one of our revised WiPs but if not, you will soon. We’ve created a new structure, inspired by some of our internal management learnings. Specifically, we follow the Entrepreneurial Operating System’s (EOS) somewhat infamous Level10 meeting format, applying best practice meeting tips from The Table Group. One of the great things about the EOS Level10 meeting is that you build the agenda live, which means you are forced to focus on the key priorities.


Having used this format internally for a while now, we have now adapted it to suit customer WiP meetings. Why? In a nutshell because we adhere to the belief that all meetings should be enjoyable.


To be enjoyable, we believe that a WiP meeting should be interesting, constructive, succinct and end with attendees feeling like they have knocked down issues and moved things forward.


As we test out this new structure, we would really appreciate any feedback you have, for example, what makes a meeting enjoyable for you? We will develop these meetings further as we gather feedback across multiple customers, so just be aware that things may change slightly as we test and learn.




  • Best headline from each person / the company (start the meeting on a positive note!)
  • Anything we need to know about that’s coming up – events, anniversaries, big meetings, new customer wins?
5 mins

  • Your scorecard contains a series of numbers snapshotting key metrics. The goal is to run down the list and call out any numbers that might indicate an issue to talk about.
  • Metrics could include sales and marketing indicators such as page views, email clicks, form completions, leads/opportunities added, pipeline value, contacts added, and much more.
10 mins

  • Check in on To Dos from last week (keeping everyone accountable)
  • Write the percentage completion rate in the Scorecard. If it is low,  drop it down as an issue to discuss
5 mins

  • Discuss issues / blockages – this is the bulk of the meeting. Prioritise the top 3 issues and work through them in sequential order
  • Goal is to solve at least 1-2 priority issues in each WiP
  • Set new To Dos – make sure everyone is happy with them
30 mins

  • Rate the meeting out of 10 – be honest!
  • If the rating isn’t 10, give a thought on how the meeting could be improved.
5 mins


Rating & improving

A crucial part of this structure is the rating at the end. This ties all elements together and provides an indicator of what makes a meeting good for you. Scoring is subjective and we want to know what works best for each customer.


The rating also gives attendees an opportunity to cast their own meeting personality through a critical lens. Ultimately the facilitator is responsible for the quality of the meeting. However, with each person giving a rating, we all get the opportunity to reflect on the quality of our contribution.


As ever, honesty is the best policy so please offer up your true feelings. A perfect 10 is not easily achieved and as the meetings progress, the goal posts on what constitutes a 10 will also shift.

What’s in a WiP

The purpose of our WiP meetings is to tackle the main issues, not all issues. And, in the event you have an issue that requires a lengthy discussion, a strategy pivot for example, your WiP is not the forum for it. These discussions should have separate meetings booked for them to enable the WiP to keep things moving across the board and not get bogged down with one issue.


As with any new structure, our WiP model is likely to evolve over the next few months. If you have feedback that can help with this, please let us know.


We hope you find the structure as helpful as we do and we’re looking forward to creating a productive, enjoyable meeting environment to keep on top of your sales and marketing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.


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