We’re hiring! Marketing Coordinator

DATE: October 2019
ROLE: Marketing Coordinator
TYPE: Part-time
START: Immediate
CONTACT: careers@mogrify.com



We’re looking for an intelligent, fast-learning and sociable part-time (2-3 days per week) Marketing Coordinator to join our fast-growing Central Coast-based Marketing Organisation. This is a junior role and would be perfect for a Central Coast-based marketingbusiness or economics student looking to expand on their baseline practical business skills.

Please only apply if you are currently living on the Central Coast.


We’re a Central Coast and Sydney-based marketing organisation specialising in doing business-to-business marketing for Technology companies all over Australia.

We’ve recently undergone significant growth and are looking for talented people to help keep us ahead of schedule on work for our highly valued customers.


You’ll start on a permanent part-time basis working 2 or 3 days a week depending on your availability.

You’ll quickly be trained up across a broad range of Marketing Coordinator skills and specialties including:

  • Social Media management
  • Website management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Design programs
  • Marketing Technology development

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn/ build on non-marketing-specific skills such as:

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Bookkeeping
  • Brief writing
  • Project Management

You’ll be thrown in at the deep-end but with the understanding that it’s normal to trip-up whilst you’re learning.

You’ll be supported in learning the ropes by our fantastic team of multi-talented marketers and business people.

You’ll be offered the opportunity for career progression as you gain confidence and develop your skills.

We see it as our job to make you the best marketer we can in the shortest space of time!


This is a junior role and would be perfect for a Central Coast-based marketingbusiness or economics student or relatively-inexperienced-but-hungry person looking for a varied and challenging part-time role on the Central Coast.

The core things you MUST have are:

  • An interest in building a career in business: We believe that good marketing lies at the heart of all good business and we think anyone can be trained to do it. You understand that there are core skills that any person in business must learn the hard way (repetition!) and you’re willing to put the work in to gain those skills. You understand that working hard now for a good foundation will benefit you for the rest of your working life.
  • Social skills: We want to have banter with each other and enjoy each other’s company – if you’re not afraid to tell a funny story from time to time then you’ll fit in just fine!
  • Ability to get stuff done fast: This is harder than it might seem! We need someone that we can trust to keep track of exactly what they’re doing, across multiple customers and projects, and trust that they will complete things and report back. Quickly!
  • Good written English: Our customers need things to look and sound professional. You need to be able to read through documents quickly and spot the spelling/ grammar mistakes as well as errors in logical reasoning and flow.

In addition to the above, we want someone that can demonstrate Mogrify’s core values in their personal and professional life:

  • Be Honest – if you make a mistake, you own up and wear the consequences, understanding that it’s all part of a learning experience. If someone else is in the wrong, you’re honest enough to tell them. Understand that there’s such a thing as positive/ constructive conflict.
  • Be Accountable – You don’t shirk ownership – if you start something, even if others are inputting, you’ll make sure you own it and ultimately, finish it.
  • Be Commercial – there are other business considerations that our clients are weighing up the whole time that will often take precedence over their marketing. You appreciate this, try to understand it from a commercial point of view, and don’t take it to heart!
  • Take initiative – you don’t just tick boxes, you strive to understand how your task fits into the bigger picture and look for opportunities to improve the result for everyone, not just yourself.
  • Question it – you are interested in ‘why?’. It’s not enough for you to just be told something is the case by an ‘expert’, you want to know how they drew their conclusions.
  • Think ‘Team First’ – We define Team as comprising both internal people and people at our customers. You understand that in a team environment, everyone is working for each other – taking 5 minutes longer to do a task in such a way that others can make sense of it quickly.


  • Drop an email through to admin@mogrify.com
  • Include your CV and a covering note telling us quickly about yourself, why you’re interested in the role, and a few bullet points demonstrating your credentials or capacity to learn key aspects of the role.
  • If you want to send through any examples of work to support, then feel free!
  • We’ll be in touch thereafter.

 Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

 The Mogrify Team

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