We’re hiring! Senior Marketing Manager


We’re looking for an experienced part-time contract B2B Marketer to join our team to cover a maternity leave for 6-12 months, with a view to going Permanent (this is the goal and our preference for this role). 

DATE: April 2020 
ROLE: Senior Marketing Manager 
TYPE: Part-time (9-12 month, with a view to going Permanent)
START: May 2020 
CONTACT: careers@mogrify.com 




This is a step-up role for an experienced marketing manager who has strong project management skills and is looking to take on more responsibility and move into a role that has a heavy slant on: 

  • Project management 
  • Managing customer relationships 
  • Marketing strategy 

We are looking for a Central Coast-based person and think it would suit, amongst others: 

  • Someone that has previously been commuting to Sydney from the Central Coast who wants to reclaim their time (less applicable during lockdown!) 
  • a parent looking to properly re-establish themselves into work 
  • someone who really enjoys, or is really good at, managing multiple projects  
  • someone whose role makes them responsible for marketing support or leadership for a network of organisations such as franchisees, partners or professional community  
  • a B2B marketing manager at an IT, professional services or finance company 


We’re a Central Coast based marketing organisation specialising in doing business-to-business marketing for companies all over Australia. We have an office based in Gosford but are currently working from home until the lockdown restrictions are eased. 

We’ve recently undergone significant growth and are looking for talented people to help keep us ahead of schedule on work for our highly valued customers.  


You’ll start on a part-time basis working 2-4 days a week depending on your availability for a period of 6-12 months with a view to going to Permanent (this is the goal of this role). 

You’ll quickly be introduced to senior people at our customers and take an active role in the strategic relationship with them – advising on how they should direct marketing spend, within the framework of our delivery model, to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing. You’ll do this under the guidance of one of our directors and other people in our team. 

You’ll need to be comfortable with technical and, (sometimes!) dry, subject matter – our customers are in technical industries such as IT, Finance, Legal and Accounting. 

We need someone that thrives in a busy environment and is excellent at managing their time and multiple projects at once. You’ll need to be self-sufficient – able to drive project outcomes without relying too heavily on other team members. You’ll need to develop gravitas with our customers and your opinion will matter to them. You must know the difference between Strategic and Tactical thinking and be fine with both. 

You should have a solid working knowledge of the different specialist knowledge sets involved in marketing, even if you haven’t practised them all yourself. These include; Marketing Strategy, Project Management, campaign management, Social Media, Websites, SEO, Design, Content Marketing, Inbound marketing, Marketing automation and Marketing technology. 

The primary part of your role will involve these key elements: 

  • Planning out customer marketing strategies 
  • Execution and project management of the marketing strategy including interviewing, writing briefs, copywriting, editing, presenting to customers, managing media spend, directing social media activity, telemarketing scripts, event coordination and working with our fantastic marketing coordinators to support you 
  • Accountability for day-to-day customer relationships and account management, running customer WIPs. 


The core things you MUST have are: 

  1. An ability to do the actual work: Whilst you will plan out strategies and manage the strategic relationship, most of this job is about actually doing the work – we’re a small team and getting stuff done is paramount. If you’re happiest when you’re getting your hands dirty executing on work you’ve planned out, then this role is for you. 
  2. Ability to establish yourself as a trusted partner: We believe that good marketing lies at the heart of all good business. Whilst we’re marketers, Mogrify prides itself on being commercially-savvy and understanding business. We and our customers need someone that is not intimidated by a customers’ job title and can talk in non-marketing language to them. 
  3. Social skills: We want to have banter with each other and enjoy each other’s company – if you’re not afraid to tell a funny story from time to time then you’ll fit in just fine! During lockdown this is more important to us than ever – being able to build relationships with each other remotely requires extra effort and innovative ways of keeping in touch. 

In addition to the above, we want someone that can demonstrate Mogrify’s core values in their personal and professional life: 

  1. Be Honest – if you make a mistake, you own up and wear the consequences, understanding that it’s all part of a learning experience. If someone else is in the wrong, you’re honest enough to tell them. Understand that there’s such a thing as positive/ constructive conflict. 
  2. Be Accountable – You don’t shirk ownership – if you start something, even if others are inputting, you’ll make sure you own it and, ultimately, finish it. 
  3. Be Commercial – there are other business considerations that our clients are weighing up the whole time that will often take precedence over their marketing. You appreciate this, try to understand it from a commercial point of view, and don’t take it to heart! 
  4. Take initiative – you don’t just tick boxes, you strive to understand how your task fits into the bigger picture and look for opportunities to improve the result for everyone, not just yourself. 
  5. Question it – you are interested in ‘why?’. It’s not enough for you to just be told something is the case by an ‘expert’, you want to know how they drew their conclusions. 
  6. Think ‘Team First’ – We define Team as internal Mogrify people, suppliers and people at our customers. You understand that in a team environment, everyone is working for each other. 


  • Drop an email through to admin@mogrify.com 
  • Include your CV and a covering note telling us quickly about yourself, why you’re interested in the role, and a few bullet points demonstrating your credentials or capacity to learn key aspects of the role. 
  • If you want to send through any examples of work to support, then feel free! 
  • We’ll be in touch thereafter. 

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you! 

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