We’re hiring! Technical Copywriter

DATE: August 2019
ROLE: Technical Copywriter
TYPE: Part-time
START: September 2019
CONTACT: careers@mogrify.com





We’re looking for an intelligent, business-savvy, sociable and experienced part-time (1-2 days per week) Technical Copywriter to join our fast-growing Central Coast-based Marketing Organisation.

We are looking for a Central Coast-based person and think it would suit, amongst others:

  • a freelance copywriter who would prefer a more regular income stream, who maybe doesn’t enjoy having to win work all the time, and would like more regular human interaction(!)
  • a journalist looking for an opportunity to exercise their writing and investigative skills in a new arena
  • anyone that is looking to drop the commute to Sydney and have somewhere on their doorstep to work from (we are based in Gosford)


We’re a Central Coast and Sydney-based marketing organisation specialising in doing business-to-business marketing for Technology and Professional Services companies all over Australia.

We’ve recently undergone significant growth and are looking for talented people to help keep us ahead of schedule on work for our highly valued customers.


You’ll begin a trial period working 1-2 days per week with us depending on your availability.

You’ll be introduced to our content production process and your role within it. You’ll be responsible for wordsmithing a vast array of different types of content from basic blogs through to SEO-optimised content, video scripts, email copy, product brochures, case studies and more.

You’ll work from briefs provided by other members of our team and over time you’ll also be included in producing briefs yourself.

You’ll need to be comfortable with technical and, (sometimes!) dry, subject matter – our customers are in technical industries such as IT, Finance, Legal and Accounting. Mogrify’s strength is in crafting interesting and engaging angles for content according to the marketing theories that we adhere to (and that we’ll introduce you to)

This is very much an output role – we have developed a methodology to quantify and qualify the content we produce and you’ll be working to that criteria. If you have a natural threshold beyond which you struggle to be creative that is fine – you can let us know and we’ll limit your hours to where you’re comfortable and hire additional support if needed. We appreciate everyone works differently.

Writing experience in any of technology, finance, accounting, legal or other professional services is a plus. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to be able to pick it up quickly and our team is on hand to answer questions to get you up to speed – but you’ll have to be diligent about asking the questions!


The core things you MUST have are:

  • Ability to write to a brief: we’re not looking for your personal opinion on a subject – we’re looking to capture the opinion of our customers and translate that into great, engaging content. Personal inspiration by extrapolation of customers’ ideas is an absolute necessity though – you need to be able to read between the lines of what’s been briefed and tease out the most interesting parts.
  • Ability to learn about new formats: This is harder than it seems – you’ll know if you’re someone that likes working within a specific format or style. We need someone that is a bit of a content-chameleon – able to switch between different voices of our customers and is comfortable writing more than just blogs.
  • Ability to take feedback: We understand that some portion of all writing is creative and some portion is a matter of taste, so we know that stuff misses that mark sometimes through no fault of anyone’s. That said, we are fairly dogged about trying to work out why something doesn’t feel right – we want to do better and better, and that requires an open dialogue where no offense is taken to feedback between our team mates.

In addition to the above, we want someone that can demonstrate Mogrify’s core values in their personal and professional life:

  • Be Honest – if you make a mistake, you own up and wear the consequences understanding that it’s all part of a learning experience. If someone else is in the wrong, you’re honest enough to tell them. Understand that there’s such a thing as positive/ constructive conflict.
  • Be Accountable – You don’t shirk ownership – if you start something, even if others are inputting, you’ll make sure you own it and, ultimately, finish it.
  • Be Commercial – there are other business considerations that our clients are weighing up the whole time that will often take precedence over their marketing. You appreciate this, try to understand it from a commercial point of view, and don’t take it to heart!
  • Take initiative – you don’t just tick boxes, you strive to understand how your task fits in to the bigger picture and look for opportunities to improve the result for everyone, not just yourself.
  • Question it – you are interested in ‘why?’. It’s not enough for you to just be told something is the case by an ‘expert’, you want to know how they drew their conclusions.
  • Think ‘Team First’ – We define Team as internal Mogrify people, suppliers and people at our customers. You understand that in a team environment, everyone is working for each other.


  • Drop an email through to admin@mogrify.com
  • Include your CV and a covering note telling us quickly about yourself, why you’re interested in the role, and a few bullet points demonstrating your credentials or capacity to learn key aspects of the role.
  • If you want to send through any examples of work to support, then feel free!
  • We’ll be in touch thereafter.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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