There’s more than one marketing goal – attracting and retaining employees with marketing

In the second blog in our series, There’s More than one Marketing Goal, we are diving into the common challenge of attracting and retaining the right staff. This is one of the goals we increasingly come across when building out marketing strategies with clients.

It’s a logical goal really given that talent acquisition and onboarding cost businesses a lot of time and money. We have seen many businesses go through a period of churn, which of course incurs a significant cost. Therefore, an obvious way to become more profitable is to reduce the amount of staff churn. After all, going after higher profits is not all about new leads!

So, how can marketing help?

Think about your staff, existing and prospective, as an additional target market for marketing.

“If you are approaching customer acquisition through inbound marketing techniques then extend this practice to include talent acquisition too. Whatever you are doing to generate business leads can also be applied, although the messaging may differ, to generate interest amongst prospective staff”, says Melanie Unwin, Director at Mogrify.

When planning your marketing strategy include campaigns and messaging specific to your goal of talent acquisition and retention. Be sure to include clearly defined business values that accurately represent what life at your organisation is like.

“Your talent marketing should accurately describe what it’s like to work there. If it’s a hierarchical structure with lots of rigidity – but you promote your culture as collaborative and casual – any new starters are not going to last very long. Their whole experience from coming in for their first interview, to potentially starting with you is going to be totally at odds with what they were expecting. This means you really need to understand your culture and be clear on what your values are,” says Melanie.

What is the message?

When considering targeting existing and prospective staff there are several elements that should be included:

  1. Be honest
  2. Put your values front and centre
  3. Don’t oversell the role/business
  4. Focus on the importance of workplace culture
  5. Showcase long-term staff to highlight retention
  6. Publicly support and endorse your existing staff for their achievements

It is important that you and your marketing team are aware of this focus. But it is also key to share your strategy and goal with the broader business, in particular, anyone responsible for hiring.

Get the message out

Once you have defined the messaging for this goal, it is time to find the right platform to distribute it through. Consider the following approaches:

  • Building lists of potential hires to target with an email campaign
  • Blogging – remember that staff authored content is often more effective than anonymous copy
  • LinkedIn – sharing and encouraging staff to share company content on LinkedIn will increase the reach of a blog
  • LinkedIn (again) – encouraging staff to keep current profiles with links to the business

When it comes to staff retention, one of the best sources of promotion is your existing staff. As mentioned in a previous Mogrify post, people trust individuals 47% more than they trust businesses.

As always, it is also important to practice what you preach. Remember to provide your existing staff with opportunities to become spokespeople for your business. This might be through authored content, as above, or through posting their own LinkedIn vlogs. Empower staff with opportunities to attend and speak at events and networking functions, when it comes to this particular marketing goal your staff are your greatest asset.

“As well as encouraging our clients to invest in marketing their staff, at Mogrify we also encourage our clients to share company news and social media content with their employees via a regular e-bulletin,” notes Melanie.

This practice enables staff to easily share news on their own platforms but also keeps them in the loop with broader business marketing.

Now you’ve got them, how do you keep them?

When it comes to retaining staff there is one key thing to remember – deliver what you said you would. If you have been promoting your business as one that nurtures and supports staff you need to do exactly that. It can seem like a risk to invest marketing budget in your staff but when executed correctly the likelihood of staff leaving is significantly reduced.

Investing time, marketing and trust in your people can bring in new relationships and therefore new business relationships too.

What Mogrify offers

If you are looking to get laser-sharp with your marketing focus, we recommend always aligning your marketing approach to your business strategy. So, like the example above, if you need to improve your staff retention or attract new staff, then we recommend this be a primary driver behind your marketing activity for a period of time.

Mogrify takes a holistic approach to your marketing, and have the technology tools to underpin this. For example, have you ever considered how a marketing automation platform might be a great tool for nurturing prospective talent, not just prospective customers? If you’re sceptical, then check out our amazing offer that removes some of this risk for you.

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