“The way Mogrify delivers a strategy transformed my previously simplistic understanding of the process and I was keen for Orion to benefit from the integrated and automated approach Mogrify takes.”

– DAVID TOWNSEND, Head of Sales,
Orion Satellite Systems.

1. About Orion

Orion Satellite Systems is part of IPSTAR Australia (also known as IPA Group), which provides connectivity to Australian homes and businesses in regional and remote areas.
With more than $3.5 billion of assests in space, offices in Sydney, Perth and Auckland, and teleports in Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie, and Auckland, Orion Satellite Systems offers tailored and flexible satellite solutions to government and corporate entities working across the ANZ region and in geo-remote locations.

2. The Challenge

In early 2020 IPSTAR took the decision to also focus on marketing for Orion Satellite Systems to support its growth, which required a new B2B marketing strategy.
Orion were concerned about directing internal resources away from the IPSTAR consumer and were disapointed by the lack of proactivity from the incumbent agency.
Orion appointed Mogrify based on the company’s strong expertise in B2B technology and the breadth of specialist skills offered by the team.

“Initially the strategy was really targeted and focused. Then gradually we’ve been able to see how each element of the strategy comes together.

By the time a member of the sales team has a conversation with  potential customer it becomes clear how the customer has been exposed to a combination of all our touchpoints and how integrated the strategy is.”
– DAVID TOWNSEND, Head of Sales, Orion Satellite Systems.



“Initially we had some teething issues figuring out how to get the correct information from the appropriate internal people. But we very quickly got comfortable and the Mogrify team now keep us on track.
I’m use to getting my own way but the team at Mogrify is not afraid to tell me ‘no’ when something won’t be of interest to customers. They always think about our goals and what will work best for us.”
– DAVID TOWNSEND, Head of Sales, Orion Satellite Systems.

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